Natural cocktails with ice in the bottle

Serve fresh cocktails in seconds

kukki Toaster

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Simply defrost, shake vigorously and enjoy

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kukki Toaster

We have developed our "Toaster" for the special needs of gastronomy.

Simply put the frozen bottle in and after about 30 seconds your kukki cocktails are ready to serve.

Don't worry, you don't necessarily need a kukki toaster to enjoy our fantastic cocktails.

We do everything in-house

We mix your favorite cocktail with a lot of love and partly by hand fresh every day in our own specially developed production. Made in Germany ✌️

We like naturalness

We find fake concentrates or additives uncool and only use natural ingredients for the perfect taste.

Eco-friendly packaging

Styrofoam is not for us, we use paper! paper for insulation? Yes, because we value sustainability!