Cocktails in 30 Sekunden

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Place a frozen kukki cocktail in the toaster. This turns on automatically. After about 30 seconds the kukki is ready to serve. Simply magical!

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A warm water bath, the microwave and the sun aren't hot or fancy enough for you?

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After many hours, days and weeks of experimenting, Sepp found that light from hot lamps is perfect for thawing. That was the hour zero - the kukki toaster was born.


The kukki toaster V14 is 310 mm high and has a diameter of 200 mm.

Built-in infrared bars thaw kukki cocktails inside the toaster within 30 seconds.


The kukki toaster was developed for the special needs of gastronomy and is manufactured in Berlin.

That means made in Germany and handling is super easy. The BWB (Berlin workshops for people with disabilities) takes care of that for us.

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kukki toaster in action

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