Beach bar and restaurant

Ambience & sea in Kuehlungsborn

Today we are visiting Kuehlungsborn! To be more precise, in the west of Kuehlungsborn. Why in the west? More on that later.
We are standing on the beach promenade and have an appointment with Carlo. Carlo is a 4th generation showman. Until 2019, as is customary in his industry, he toured Germany with various rides and gastro beaches.

After the pandemic had brought life on tour to a standstill, his business colleague came up with the idea of ​​setting up a Ferris wheel on the promenade in Kuehlungsborn. They have been running the bistro and restaurant Ambiente & Meer since 2021, as well as the gastro mile on the promenade.

Ambience & sea in Kuehlungsborn

Carlo - operations manager

"If someone has ordered and drunk that, they will definitely order a second one as well."

Carlo was looking for a place where you can "bring something directly to the man". Many of his colleagues regularly went on holiday to Kuehlungsborn. The local restaurateurs told him that the West needed to be revitalized in terms of gastronomy and cuisine. Said and done.

The season started on April 1st and Carlo and his team will be there until January 10th, 2023. In order to be able to offer their guests good products without too much effort, Carlo did some research and came up with kukkis. He has also seen this in other restaurants.

The thought of Carlo's first kukki: "It's very, very strange, a cocktail in a bottle, but it's really delicious down to the last sip and of course it's easy to handle."

On the question of how the decision was made to sell kukkis on the promenade, he tells us:
"We are not a fixed gastro, for us it is easier that way, for a normal cocktail you have to prepare far too much and since we have little space we need something compact."

A good point in our opinion, but how do the frozen cocktails go down with the customers?

"If someone has ordered that and drunk it, they will definitely order a second one as well."

Carlo seems visibly satisfied with his decision to offer his customers kukki cocktails, which pleases us at least as much.

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customer service

Movie World - Noerdlingen

John - owner

"They were so good that we say we have to include them in our concept!"

Beach bar in Maurik (NL)

Meis - Supervisor

"It's from Berlin and it's freshly made. They had to taste before they believed it was really good.”

Tonwerk event location in Dorfen

Tom and Andi - managing directors

"We were convinced relatively quickly because the taste is simply super cool and the quality is very, very great."

Twin Cable in Beckum

Aaron - General Manager

"You don't need any skills other than operating the toaster, like driving a motor boat: it looks like a cool trick - and everyone likes it!"

Dave B. Taste Five in Berlin

Christopher - F&B Manager

“You convinced us and in the end we can convince our customers. That's the main thing!"

Happy Döner Restaurant in Mainz

Sascha - Founder

"There are also a lot of temporary workers who do the cash register, so the recipes are never implemented properly. If we made cocktails here ourselves, it wouldn't work."

Too late - late in Berlin

Ali - owner

"You always have your doubts. You think - ok, everyone wants to try it. - But kukki hit it! I was surprised how good it tasted.”

Adventure Golf in Aulendorf

Jonny and Simone - Founders

"Anyone who tries the first one will definitely want a second one."

Ambience & sea in Kuehlungsborn

Carlo - operations manager

"If someone has ordered and drunk that, they will definitely order a second one as well."

Flipped fun park in Singen

Daniel - Founder

"We're really lucky to have you."

Bries Noordwijk

Clemens - F&B manager

"The taste was pretty good. I was so surprised he was that good. That was also the main reason why we took him.”

Beach0741 Rooftopbar in Rottweil

Thomas - Managing Director

"It's perfect for up here. You have awesome cocktails that are quick to make. It's easy, it's clean."

Dance School Desweemèr

Team Desweemèr

"We're not bartenders, so of course you have a super cool alternative so that we can quickly prepare something."

Summer at home in the Rheinpark in Düsseldorf

Martin - organizer

"Once people get a taste for it, they stick with it!"

Kaamps7 beach bar on Sylt

Tim - operations manager

"We can't offer cocktails to 500-700 people. Let's stay with the gin and tonic, that's the highest of feelings. Well, and then you came. And now we have cocktails, 7 of them.”

Bowling arena in Siegen

Jessica and Thomas

"Try it once, absolutely loved it and since then just kukki!"

Bottles Bar in Bayreuth

Andrew - owner

"If you can then have a cocktail that includes ice that stays fresh for half an hour to three quarters of an hour and tastes really good."

FRS Syltfähre

Axel - F&B Manager

„Ich habe immer zufriedene Gäste mit den kukki Cocktails“

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