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What's in kukki cocktails?

kukkis are made and bottled carefully and with a lot of love, partly by hand in our cocktail manufactory in Berlin / Wustermark. Only the best ingredients make it into a kukki cocktail and you can taste it!

kukkis are free from artificial colors and preservatives. Thanks to selected, fruity fresh ingredients, kukki simply taste fantastic and do not need any flavor enhancers. In addition, all our cocktails are free of lactose and gluten. They are also vegan.

How are kukki cocktails made?

We do everything ourselves in our own production. With love and partly by hand: from sticking on the label, to mixing the delicious cocktails, to filling the bottle with ice and fresh fruit.

How long do kukki cocktails keep?

When stored correctly, our kukki have a shelf life of at least 12 months. You can find the best before date on the bottle. Make sure to keep the cold chain. After the delivery or your purchase, you should store the kukki in your freezer.

How do I store kukki cocktails?

Make sure to keep the cold chain. After the delivery or your purchase, you should store the kukki in your freezer.

Why do I need kukki Cocktail in my company?

✅ Ice cream and fresh fruit already included
✅ Vegan, gluten and lactose free
✅ Without flavor enhancers
✅ No artificial colors
✅ No preservatives
✅ Prepared in 30 seconds
✅ Can be frozen for at least 12 months
✅ IFS Higher Level certified

My kukki cocktails have thawed, now what?

If there is no more ice in your kukki cocktail before you open it because it has already been completely thawed, you should no longer consume it.

In addition, kukki must not be refrozen once they have completely thawed, as the bottles could burst.

Are there non-alcoholic kukki cocktails?

Unfortunately, the physical implementation of a non-alcoholic cocktail as kukki is not as easy as with alcohol. At the moment there are no alcohol-free kukki cocktails.

Can I drink kukki cocktails?

Due to the alcohol content, kukkis are of course not suitable for pregnant women, children and young people under the age of 18. Not for driving, of course - don't drink & drive! We have decided to make our kukkis only available from the age of 18. This was our conscious decision as we believe that cocktails should not be consumed until the age of 18. Whether with wine or with spirits.

What is the kukki toaster?

We have developed the kukki toaster for the special needs of gastronomy, with which a frozen kukki can be prepared within 30 seconds.

Just put it in, wait a moment, shake and serve. Learn more about the installation and setup in our installation video .

Connect toaster
Individually fused outlet. No multiple socket strip!

Set toaster
20 seconds = freezer at -14 degrees
30 seconds = freezer at -18 degrees (default)
40 or 50 seconds = freezer below -20 degrees

Toast cocktails
Place the bottle gently in the toaster. The toaster switches on automatically. When the light goes out, the kukki is ready.

Shake the kukki upside down vigorously before opening.

Open the bottle, insert the straw and Cheers!

Can I test the kukki toaster?

No, because as a trader you have the opportunity to purchase our starter bundle with the kukki toaster at a special price.

It is best to speak to your specialist advisor or simply register here and order in our commercial shop .

Why are kukki cocktails vegan?

Many juices and wines are not vegan because animal products are used as technical auxiliaries in their production.

For example, animal gelatine is often used to clarify juice, wine and the like to filter the drink.

Since no gelatine can be detected in the end product, it does not have to be labeled. With our product, the process of clarification with gelatine is omitted, which is why we also stand for vegan drinks, completely without animal additives.

Can I rent the kukki toaster?

You can rent our kukki toaster for your event from one of our partners. Find a landlord now and rent a kukki toaster .

Why don't kukki cocktail bottles burst?

Our cylindrical ice cubes are produced and frozen under high pressure using a patented process. This is how the ice cubes get into the bottles and then into the freezer. This procedure allows our kukki cocktails to be frozen without the bottles bursting.

What length should drinking straws be?

We recommend a length of at least 23 cm so that the straw does not submerge in the bottle.

Our original kukki cocktail glass straws from HALM (Made in Germany), with a length of 27 cm, go perfectly with our glass bottles, both visually and haptically.

Our kukki Cocktail organic drinking straws (Made in Germany), for commercial use, have a length of 25 cm and can also be used for other cold and hot drinks.

Why is there no cane sugar in my kukki Caipi?

Every kukki Caipi is made by hand with cane sugar. You just can't see the sugar crystals as well anymore because the crystals lose their brown color due to the acidity of the juices.


How does the preparation in the warm water bath work?

Thaw in a warm water bath for 3-4 minutes.

Your kukki is ready when the ice cream is solid and the alcohol is liquid.

Shake the bottle upside down and then open it.

Pierce the ice with a drinking straw. Cheers!

How does the preparation work in the kukki toaster?

Defrost in seconds in the kukki toaster.

Your kukki is ready when the ice cream is solid and the alcohol is liquid.

Shake the bottle upside down and then open it.

Pierce the ice with a drinking straw. Cheers!

Find out more about the kukki toaster here or watch the installation video directly.

How do I prepare many cocktails in a short time?

The trick is that only one person toasts and another person just prepares. In this way, a rhythm can be maintained that allows 120 kukki to be served in 10 minutes.

• 32A CEE connection for 6 toasters
• 16A CEE connection for 3 toasters
• Offer a maximum of 3-4 varieties
• 6 toasters = approx. 720 cocktails per hour
• 5 hour event = 3500 bottles

Can I thaw kukki cocktails in the air?

Naturally! Please note, however, that depending on the outside temperature and the temperature of the freezer, there will be different thawing times that we cannot predict.

If you want to offer a lot of kukki cocktails at an event, we recommend using our kukki toaster. You can rent it from one of our partners , buy it from a wholesaler or buy it in our online shop.

Are kukki cocktails still good when they're thawed at the neck?

It doesn't matter too much, since it's just alcohol that's collected on your throat. You can just freeze it again. Note that once the kukki has completely thawed, it must not be refrozen, otherwise the bottle could burst.

Do I need the kukki toaster?

We have developed our “toaster” for the special needs of the catering industry.

Don't worry, you don't necessarily need a kukki toaster to enjoy our fantastic cocktails.

A warm water bath, the microwave and the sun aren't hot or fancy enough for you? Then you can treat yourself to the kukki toaster!


Where can I buy kukki cocktails?

You can find kukki cocktails in the catering trade , at Kaufland in the freezer, in wholesale or in our online shop .

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

It is best to call your local dealer beforehand to find out the current stock.

How much do kukki cocktails cost?

You can get a few selected kukki cocktails from around €3 in retail stores.

In our private online shop you can have kukkis conveniently delivered to your home from €4.89.

As a trader, it is best to contact your wholesaler.

After successful registration , you can order under commercial conditions in our commercial shop.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

It is best to call your local dealer beforehand to find out the current stock.

Where can I find kukki cocktails at Kaufland?

You can usually find our 3-pack of kukki cocktails in the checkout area with the ice cubes and not with the spirits.

All Kaufland branches carry our kukki cocktails, as the Kaufland range is controlled centrally. It's best to ask at the information desk or speak to an employee in the frozen food department.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

Inventory may vary by store. Please contact staff to find out when inventory will be replenished.

Where can I find kukki cocktail at wholesalers?

You can find kukki cocktails in the frozen section of some self-collection retailers. Your wholesaler can probably tell you more about this.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

It is best to call your local dealer beforehand to find out the current stock.

Which kukki cocktail varieties are available at Kaufland?

At Kaufland you will find our Mojito, El Presidente, Wild Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit as a single-origin pack of 3 in the freezer.

Why aren't there more kukki cocktail varieties at Kaufland?

The Kaufland headquarters decides which varieties are included in the range. That's why it's best to write Kaufland.

You can order all varieties in our online shop .

In which countries is kukki cocktail available?

You can currently buy kukki cocktails in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. But we are determined to conquer the whole world.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

Why don't you ship outside of Germany?

kukki cocktails must be sent frozen by express. International shipping is therefore not possible. kukki cocktails are currently available in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

Are there kukki cocktail mix boxes in wholesale?

No, but some self-collection retailers offer kukki cocktails individually.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

It is best to call your local dealer beforehand to find out the current stock.

an order

Why are the shipping costs so high?

We send all packages frozen via DPD Food so that you can get your kukki cocktails in your hands quickly and to ensure that they are kept cool throughout.

Instead of sending our kukki cocktails in cheap polystyrene boxes, we send them in expensive but sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper.

Do you want to save on shipping costs? Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

Why do I have to order at least 12 bottles?

Due to the costs for the sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper, dry ice, express shipping and the additional logistical effort, this is the smallest quantity that we can offer in our online shop.

Alternatively, you can buy the 3-pack at Kaufland.

Use our shop finder to find kukki dealers near you.

What do I do with the dry ice?

Before the dry ice can be disposed of, it has to evaporate completely. This takes about 48 hours.

To do this, place it in an open container. Place this outside or in a very well ventilated area. After vaporization, simply dispose of the packaging in the waste paper.

Note that the dry ice is kept out of the reach of children and animals!

Why is my discount voucher not working?

Our discount campaigns are automatically activated in your shopping cart.

Discount vouchers cannot be combined with one another and multiple discount vouchers cannot be redeemed at the same time.

A cash payment or account credit is not possible.

Our discount voucher from the "Thank you" envelope is only valid for our kukki boxes in the private online shop.

What exactly is the Trusted Shops certificate?

With us you are on the safe side! was awarded the Trusted Shops seal of approval , which has stood for security when shopping online since 1999.

Before a company is awarded the Trusted Shop seal of approval, it is checked in extensive tests by selected internet experts.

These tests include, for example: transparency in pricing, creditworthiness, dealing with data protection and the customer service offered.

A money-back guarantee is also offered to the customer thanks to the Trusted Shop test mark . This applies, for example, if your purchased product is not delivered to you. After placing your order, you have the option of registering for the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee free of charge. There is detailed information on the money-back guarantee here.

You have these advantages as a kukki and Trusted Shops customer:

- In the event of non-delivery or return of the goods, you are guaranteed buyer protection .

- In the event of credit card misuse, the deductible will be refunded to you.

- You are guaranteed an uncomplicated and quick solution to the problem .

The Trusted Shops ratings: Find out here how our customers rate our service and rate us too!

Can kukki cocktails be ordered as a sample/trial pack?

If you want to try kukki cocktails as a trader, you can make an appointment with our sales force here .

Alternatively, you can put together a box of 12 in our private online shop at any time and have it delivered to you.

Do I get drinking straws for free as a trader?

So that your customers can enjoy our kukki cocktails with the best possible taste, we offer high-quality organic drinking straws at a very attractive price.

Organic drinking straws made from organic raw materials based on sugar, glucose and wood, which comply with legal requirements and do not soften after a few minutes or distort the taste.

Check them out now in our commercial commercial online shop .

Do I get free advertising material?

As an active commercial customer, you are welcome to contact our customer service .


When will I receive my delivery?

We ship Tuesday to Thursday within 24 - 48 hours. We do not ship one day before public holidays. You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as the package leaves our warehouse. You can check the sending status at any time.

When ordering our cocktails, please make sure that someone can accept the package, otherwise it will be sent back to the depot and thaw there.

The order has not arrived, what now?

You will receive detailed information from DPD with your shipment number. It may have been delivered to another person, for example your neighbor.

If you have given DPD a storage permit , we cannot help you in this case. You can find more information at DPD support.

Can't find the package?
Please fill out the legally binding declaration (download) and sign it and send it

We will forward your document to DPD and will contact you as soon as we receive feedback from DPD. This can take up to 4 weeks.

How does frozen shipping work?

Shipping frozen goods is not easy. Our logistics have developed a process so that everything you order from us arrives safely and completely frozen. That's why we only ship during the week. Delivery usually takes place one day after shipping confirmation with DPD Food Express.

Our cocktails are packed with great care by hand in our sustainable kukki box with dry ice and Paperfloc insulation material. This in turn is then placed in a sturdy shipping box. The dry ice ensures a complete cold chain. This means that when we ship, we can guarantee that the goods will arrive frozen.

To keep it that way, put your order back in the freezer immediately after delivery - not in the fridge. By the way, the dry ice evaporates during transport, which is completely normal. If there are any leftovers when delivered, to be on the safe side, only handle them with gloves and let them evaporate outdoors - follow the instructions on dry ice. As soon as the dry ice has completely evaporated, you can throw away the empty bags.

kukki Cocktail frozen shipping with Paperfloc insulation
Sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper, high insulating performance
Insulating layer consists of cellulose fibers (safe for food)
Dispose of the cover and the paperfloc insulation elements as a whole in paper waste

Can I adjust the delivery or drop-off location?

You can try to adjust your delivery using DPD shipment tracking or provide information for the delivery person. We can't do that for you.

You can find more information at DPD .

My delivery is damaged, what happens now?

Of course we are very sorry and should not happen. Please fill out our contact form with the subject “Inquiry about my order”. Please indicate what exactly is damaged.

How long does the delivery stay frozen?

Once the package has been dropped off, the dry ice will keep your delivery frozen for up to 48 hours.


How do I dispose of empty kukki cocktail glass bottles?

kukki cocktail glass bottles are disposable bottles that are not subject to a deposit.

We are affiliated with the Landbell Recycling System . This means that the bottle goes into a used glass container at your location and, in most cases, is processed into a new glass product directly in your region.

Please do not dispose of empty kukki cocktail bottles in your household waste.

Help protect the environment and find the nearest white glass container.

How do I dispose of the insulating packaging?

Paperfloc is a sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper, where the insulating layer consists of cellulose fibres. The paperfloc insulating mats can be disposed of as a whole in the paper waste or you can simply use them at your next kukki picnic.


Where can I find photos that I can also use?

In our download area you will find social media templates that you are welcome to use. In addition, you will also find other advertising material for individualization there.

Can kukki Cocktail be my sponsor?

No and yes. Feel free to check out our collaboration page to learn more.

Can I get press material from you?

In our press area you will find free texts and images.

In our download area you will find image material that you are welcome to use.

Can I adapt the print data to my needs?

All print templates from our download area can be individualized by you, as long as our design and the recognition value remain. You can add more information, your logo or your prices to all print data.

Did I really win the competition?

We will notify you via direct message with our official Facebook/Instagram account and announce all winners in the comments of the respective post. Unfortunately, there are often fake accounts in circulation that indiscriminately flood our community. Please check the account that is contacting you and never reply with your contact information unless you are 100% sure.

Do I get free advertising material?

As an active commercial customer, you are welcome to contact our customer service .