Burgers and cocktails with friends

Who does not know it? Friday: Friends have registered for the evening. The long-awaited weekend should be properly celebrated together. With the stressful week still behind us, the shopping list is quickly scribbled down in the office.

But the length makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up: all sorts of ingredients for the burgers, and further down on the edge of the note there are a lot of ingredients for various cocktails. Cucumbers, gin, various juices, vodka and ice cubes are just at the beginning of the list. At the end of the evening you're left with opened juices, schnapps and a mountain of ice cubes in the freezer. Well, what must that have to be!

After all, there should be enough variety in a convivial atmosphere in the evening and there should be something for every taste. After work: go to your favorite supermarket, quickly walk through the frozen food section, look for the ice cubes and suddenly there they are. kukki cocktails – surrounded by the dim light in the freezer shelf. All your shopping needs in one: fruits, vegan juices, high-quality schnapps and liqueurs and now comes the best: with ice cubes – directly in the bottle .

Something for every taste! So you can sip your way through the classic cocktails without much effort - oh, so yummy! Well, if the friends don't get wide-eyed, we don't know what can be done better - on such a cozy evening together.

But pssssst: While you're marveling at the ice cubes in the bottle of our kukki cocktails , please don't lose sight of the food on the stove. Our popular bean burger? You can easily copy it!

The recipe for the burger patties (6 pieces)
375g kidney beans - 6 tbsp oat flakes - 1 ½ onion - 1 clove of garlic (more for the garlic fans ;) ) - 3 tbsp olive oil - black pepper - paprika (sweet or hot) - salt - curry

If the patty dough seems too wet, just add a little more flour. There are no limits to culinary creativity when it comes to choosing burger buns, sauces and vegetable side dishes. So why not write your shopping list a few days earlier? But you can remove ice cubes. We wish you a kukki-licious weekend!

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