The kukki story

Die kukki Story

"Great, finally warm beer!"

… said no one ever. Especially not kukki inventor Josef "Sepp" Klemm. At some point, he just had enough of boring drinks and invented a drink with ice in the bottle: the kukki cocktail. Pretty cool.

Sepp still likes to remember the first cocktail sale: "It was at the aviator festival of the Benediktbeuern gliding club (who doesn't know it 😉). We had the last meter in the corner of the long bar to ourselves and the response was overwhelming."

Amazon, Apple and Google started in a garage - kukki saw the light of day in a small workshop on Sepp's parents' farm. Success was almost pre-programmed. At that time, the ice was broken up with a hammer so that it would fit into the bottles - today it is pressed extremely tightly using a patented process. The result: when defrosting, only the cocktail becomes liquid, the ice remains ice.

Sepp met Saif Hamed in 2013. Both were looking for something solid and so they founded their own company in 2014: Hallo kukki GmbH! Unfortunately, they weren't able to toast to that with an original kukki cocktail, because that wasn't available until two years later in August 2016.

Just like the third founder Andy "The German" Romanowski. Andy was an old friend of Sepp's and made the dream team complete.

Another milestone: In December 2016, the first Edeka store added kukki to its range. The official start of our groundbreaking success story (hey, we never said we were particularly humble!).

Of course, the team grew with the success and meanwhile fifteen great people work in development, production, logistics, marketing and in the back office. Surprisingly sober most of the time.


Sepp is the inventor of the kukki cocktails and takes care of development. All technical innovations are developed and extensively tested by him with a lot of love.


As managing director, Saif is primarily responsible for human resources, production and daily business. And by the way, it also puts you in a good mood.


Andy leads sales and marketing. He takes the kukkis to supermarkets, gastrostomies and events. It is thanks to him that more and more people love our kukki cocktails.

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