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Drinked in the thermal baths for the first time two weeks ago. Absolutely amazed us. Bought several varieties directly from Kaufland. Simply great. Really a change. Concept is great.

Michael Schloz

I don't like all the varieties, but that's just the taste. Since I've known Kukki Cocktail for at least 5 years and treat myself to one often, I can only say: thumbs up. The range has been expanded to include several varieties. From my point of view there should be something for everyone. I have no experience with the delivery service as I buy the bottles from Kaufland. Whether for a party with several people or for two, the cocktails were delicious for us. From my point of view, a clear recommendation.

Bekir Rück

There is really NOTHING to complain about here. The cocktails themselves are INCREDIBLY delicious, I had high expectations, but even these were exceeded and by far.
The customer service is to die for. Super friendly, extremely competent and really customer-oriented. Ordering and delivery of the Kukki toaster in under 24 hours is a completely different matter. Especially since the Kukkis were delivered on the requested day. What more could you want?
The advertising material definitely looks impressive and is worth seeing. The Kukki toaster is worth every single cent and you have to try the cocktails themselves to know how good they are.
We definitely won't do without it again. :)

Olaf Vandrey

We've been selling your kukkis for two years and to date there hasn't been a customer who didn't like it - there were only positive experiences. We can also only say positive things about the contact with the company itself - it was friendly and everything worked out immediately. We at pedal boat rental Seeburg Nordstrand Süßer See can only recommend this company and the kukkis

Holger Gehrmann

Great idea and well implemented. Very nice service on the phone. Delivery works reliably. The cocktails are super practical and really tasty for a ready-mixed drink with top ingredients. Price/performance ratio absolutely fine. If you're comparing these cocktails with a freshly mixed cocktail at the bar, please don't compare apples with pears. Google reviews are a very sensitive topic, so please take your frustration elsewhere - bad reviews are very unpleasant for companies - so please stay fair. You would expect the same thing in reverse. In any case, we are thrilled and will continue to spread the KUKKI message. Best regards from the province :)