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kukki toaster installation

Check out the step-by-step instructions with Jeff now


Connect toaster
Individually fused outlet.
No multiple socket strip!

Set toaster
20 seconds = freezer at -14 degrees
30 seconds = freezer at -18 degrees (default)
40 or 50 seconds = freezer below -20 degrees

Toast cocktails
Place the bottle gently in the toaster.
The toaster turns on automatically.
If the light goes out, the kukki is ready.

Shake the kukki upside down vigorously before opening.

Open the bottle, insert the straw and Cheers!

Prepare many cocktails in a short time

The trick is that only one person toasts and another person just prepares. In this way, a rhythm can be maintained that allows 120 kukki to be served in 10 minutes.

• 32A CEE connection for 6 toasters
• 16A CEE connection for 3 toasters
• Offer a maximum of 3-4 varieties
• 6 toasters = approx. 720 cocktails per hour
• 5 hour event = 3500 bottles