New shipping packaging

Neue Versandverpackung

Styrofoam is not for us, we use paper! Paper for insulation? Yes! We want to be able to enjoy kukki cocktails with a clear conscience and have therefore decided on the paperfloc delivery systems.

Paperfloc are innovative insulating packaging made from 100% recyclable materials. Paperfloc is a sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper, where the insulating layer consists of cellulose fibers.

Brand new: The paperfloc insulating mats can be disposed of as a whole in the paper waste or you can simply use them at your next kukki picnic.

Kukki cocktails are handmade with fresh fruits and ice in our production with a lot of love.

After your order, our logistics team ensures that the kukkis are packed deep-frozen into shipping boxes with paperfloc and dry ice. Then everything has to happen quickly so that the cold chain is not interrupted.

In the meantime, it's best to make space in your freezer because your order will soon be at your doorstep!

The packaging keeps the ice-cold kukkis frozen for 48 hours, so it is important that the goods can be received immediately on the day of delivery and packed in your freezer. And just like that, your kukki stock is filled up – and all without any environmentally harmful packaging waste! We are thrilled and hopefully you are too!

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