kukki goes viral: Shake yourself!

kukki goes Viral: Schüttel dir einen!

Our biggest coup so far (right after the cocktails and the toaster, of course): our viral spot. Filmed in Greece with real actors, on a real beach. And it was worth it, because the spot has already been viewed more than 800,000 times on Facebook !

Of course we had a lot of fun while shooting, even if there were a few challenges to overcome: How do you get the frozen kukki to Greece? Which beach is deserted and still beautiful? Will the kukki last through the day of shooting? Does the model fit in the swimsuit? Will someone think we're perverted weirdos and call the police? We can reveal so much: It got hot, but the police didn't have to come. In the "Behind the Scenes" video from our agency Sixmalnull you get a few more insights:

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