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How do you get the idea to invent a cocktail with ice in the bottle? If you do not like drinking beer, for example. Just like one of the two kukki founders, Josef “Sepp” Klemm. He had an early idea of ​​tapping, testing and producing small quantities of beverages with ice in bottles. “Our first cocktail sale was at the festival of the sailing club “Benediktbeuern”. We had the last slot in the corner of the long bar for us and sold the cocktails there. The response was overwhelming” says Sepp.

In the small workshop on his parents’ farm in Bavaria, the ice was frozen in plastic bags and crushed with a hammer. Of course, it should not be. Through his mechanical engineering studies, Sepp was able to build special ice machine and carry out first long-term tests – the cylindrical ice cubes were born. He has also applied for a patent because kukki ice is not any ice. The kukki ice must be particularly tightly pressed and high-quality so during the defrosting the drink becomes liquid and the ice cubes remain solid.

In 2013 Sepp met the second kukki founder, Saif Hamed, while getting his second degree in electronics in Berlin. Together they have worked on machinery and equipment for other companies. “We were too bored in the long run,” says Saif. And so they founded their own company in 2014 to make the cocktails full time. There were many hurdles: the financing, the recipes, the fruits and obviously the ice. Then, finally, it was time: the first kukki saw the light of the world in August 2016. Berlin and the whole Germany were delighted. First orders came fast. In December 2016 the first Edeka market added kukki to the assortment.

The team grew with success. At the moment almost twenty people work in the development, production, logistics, marketing and back-office. “We are very happy to work with people as passionate about the idea as we are. Everyone from our team loves the product and is fully committed, “says Saif proudly.


Sepp is the inventor of kukki and leads our development department. Born innovator and a brilliant engineer. Someday he will build the asteroid mining machine.

Josef Klemm-Geschäftsführer kukkicocktail
Saif Hamed-Geschäftsführer kukkicocktail


As managing director, Saif is primarily responsible for personnel, production, and day-to-day operations. Always in a good mood. He is the heart and soul of the company.


Andy leads kukki sales and marketing. He is half German, half Polish and half Australian. He also might be a robot, because he works so hard!

Andreas Romanowski-Leiter Markketing/Vertrieb kukkicocktail

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