Serve fresh cocktails in seconds

kukki Toaster

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Only natural ingredients

Simply defrost, shake vigorously and serve

Serve 8

different cocktails without much effort

The best summarized

Ice cream and fresh fruit already included
Vegan, gluten and lactose free
Without flavor enhancers
Without synthetic colouring
Without preservative substances
Prepared in 30 seconds
IFS Higher Level certified
Can be kept frozen for at least 12 months

Defrost, shake and serve

We offer the opportunity to easily expand the menu in your business with fresh cocktails and without much effort. Connect the kukki toaster to the socket and off you go!

Fresh cocktails in seconds

We have developed our "toaster" for the special needs of the hospitality industry. Simply put the frozen bottle in and after about 30 seconds your kukki cocktails are ready to serve. Don't worry, you don't necessarily need a kukki Toaster to enjoy our fantastic cocktails.

Preparation in the

kukki Toaster


You can store kukki cocktails in the freezer for at least 12 months.


Thaw the frozen kukki for about 30 seconds in the kukki toaster. Simply magical!


Shake the kukkis vigorously upside down so that the alcohol mixes with the fresh juices again.


You can now open the ice cold kukki and serve it with a straw. Cheers!


The kukki Toaster V14 measures 310 mm high and has a diameter of 200 mm. Thanks to built-in infrared rods, kukki cocktails are thawed inside the toaster within 30 seconds.


The kukki Toaster was developed in Berlin and is manufactured in Berlin. That means made in Germany and handling is super easy. The BWB (Berlin Workshops for People with Disabilities) takes care of this completely for us.




Ice is already inside

kukki is a unique drink that already contains ice in a cylindrical shape.

Only natural ingredients

Without flavour enhancers, without artificial colours and without preservatives.

Long durability

kukkis can be stored in any freezer (-18°C) and have a shelf life of at least 12 months.

Over 5000

Companies already rely on kukki Cocktail

I always have satisfied guests with the kukki Cocktails.

Axel - F&B Manager | Sylt ferry

We are not bartenders and so of course you have a really cool alternative so that we can prepare something quickly.

Team Desweemèr | Dance school

We were convinced relatively quickly because it tastes really cool and the quality is very, very great.

Tom and Andi | Tonwerk event location

This is from Berlin and it is freshly made. They had to try it before they believed it was really good.

Meis - Supervisor | Beach bar

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about us

"Great, finally a warm beer!" said no one ever. Especially not kukki inventor Josef "Sepp" Klemm.
At some point he just had enough of boring drinks and invented a drink that had ice in the bottle: kukki cocktail

Joseph "Sepp" Klemm

Sepp is the inventor of the kukki cocktails and takes care of development. All technical innovations are developed and extensively tested by him with a lot of love.

Saif Rudi

As managing director, Saif is primarily responsible for human resources, production and daily business. And by the way, it also puts you in a good mood.

Andrew Romanowski

Andy leads sales and marketing. He takes the kukkis to supermarkets, restaurants and events. It is thanks to him that more and more people love our kukki cocktails.

Innovation also in production

We are so proud of the development of kukki cocktails. From my parents' farm workshop to such a size. A lot of passion, sweat, maybe even a tear or two, rejected plans and successful implementations go into our production machines.


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